PAPAGENA|PayCruise goes ashore!

The first shipping companies have decided to secure their credit card payment processes f.e. for travel payment or the payment of land excursions in cooperation with PAPAGENA.

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Your cruise ships are getting bigger, you’re constantly steering toward more unusual destinations, and you are using new concepts and addressing bigger audiences – in the global cruise industry, all signs point toward expansion and innovation. So it’s high time you tightened up your payment procedures as well.

With a professional, individualized solution, the apparent obstacles of different currencies, payment systems, and legal systems are resolved at no risk: PayCruise – the cruise industry’s integrated payment processing plan. Developed by PAPAGENA Projects GmbH, the specialists in electronic money transfers, PayCruise sees to it that performance-based ship operators can guarantee the necessary security for their processes and increase their effectiveness.

The results can already be seen on about 200 ships: innovative convenience for travelers and reassuring security for cruise organizers.

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